Divi Hosting

Enjoy perfectly configured hosting environments pre-installed with the tools you need and optimised on litespeed servers to be ensure the best speed and search engine rankings.


We optimise the site and images for speed and best SEO Rankings


We security harden the site to ensure safety and also do offsite backups to ensure data safety


Fast and smooth as well as reliable servers, we have been in business for over 20 years and have rock solid servers.

One Click Install

When you purchase Divi Hosting from us, you get to skip the Technical drama of the hosting setup, the Divi installation and setup process, the optimisation of the site and images settings and tweaks, the security hardening.

Your Divi websites will be ready to go so you can jump right in and start building!

Automatic Divi Installation

Skip the set-up and activation process! When you buy Divi Hosting from us, Divi comes pre-installed and activated automatically.

Perfect Divi Compatibility

We worked with Development and Server Management Teams to make sure that our hosting solutions meet all of Divi’s requirements out of the box. No hosting headaches on our Divi Hosting.

Top-Notch Support

Each of our team members are powered by seasoned WordPress professionals. They are uniquely qualified to help you with your WordPress hosting needs.

Blazing Fast Speed

Divi Hosting is powered by fast networks, modern hosting infrastructures and the latest server software including the latest PHP and Premium Litespeed cPanel Servers which is by far the superior of technologies above apache, nginx etc for the ultimate speed. Plus you will enjoy automatic caching and a free CDN.

Automatic Backups

Every website needs backups! Each of our servers provide automatic backups. If disaster strikes, we have your back.

Free Site Migration

Already have a Divi website hosted somewhere else? We provide free assisted migration. It’s easy to switch to Halowebs’ Divi Hosting.

Staging Sites

Automatic staging sites make it easy to develop new designs for your clients without disrupting visitors. Finish your work and push it live all at once.

A Focus On Security

All of our teams are dedicated to security. That means up-to-date server software and secure hosting practices.

Agency Tools

If you are a web design agency with collaboration needs, then you will feel at home on any of our Divi plans and packages and if need be we can customise a package for you and build you a reseller system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Divi Optimised Hosting

Divi Hosting is powerful WordPress Hosting plus automatic Divi installation and Divi-specific server tuning when applicable. All of our wordpress Divi servers have been adjusted from the standard hosting environments to be Divi optimized and adjusted our Divi Hosting packages to meet all of Divi’s requirements. We helped create Divi Hosting so that we could have something that we know will work great with Divi out of the box.

Why choose Divi Hosting

We have done the hard work for you and found the sweet spot tweaks and optimisation for Divi on WordPress Servers. We enabled automatic Divi installation and license activation and our team optimises each site according to your structure. To put it simply, Divi Hosting is fast, works great with Divi and is easier to get started with than normal WordPress Hosting. If you are a Divi user, it’s a no-brainer.

What comes pre-installed on my website with Divi Hosting?

When you create a new website using Divi Hosting, you will be greeted with a fully-functioning WordPress website with Divi pre-installed and configured under our licensing. No installation or initial setup required. You can jump right in and start building!

Will the license cost anything additonally?

No, license comes included in the hosting plan.

Who do I contact for support if I have a question about my hosting?

All support is provided by us in-house. We offer some of the best 24/7 WordPress hosting support around and we are confident that you will be happy with their service. Included in the plan is site repairs to conflicts with plugins or other software which all comes included in your plan, this excludes any additional designing and structural changes to content however if needed our design/development team stands ready to assist with a free quotation.

Choose Your Plan

With this package you get 1 x co.za FREE Domain (once-off)

Properly configured installation including all correct file permissions, database settings and configuration files

A tried and tested server environment that already hosts many DIVI powered websites

Get Your Managed DIVI Web Hosting From Haloweb Today.

Have Peace of mind that your hosting is taken care of.

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