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What Is Website Hosting

Website hosting is a service that enables anyone to visit a website, provide a server space and other web services. Maintenance of the servers that normally host other websites which are owned by individuals or companies is also a key responsibility of web hosting. If you are looking to set up a website and you have no clue on what web hosting to deploy, worry no more because Haloweb.co.za is here to assist you.

Knowing the different types of web hosting options is very important so as to make an informed decision as you set up your website. There are many types of web hosting, some may not be among the ones discussed below.

 Shared Hosting

Shared website hosting is the most common of all. In this type of Web Hosting, your website is hosted on a server that is shared by other web sites. This is advantageous in a way that costs are shared. Despite being an affordable alternative for web hosting, the disadvantage of shared hosting is that your website may be in the shadows of others. This means that, there can be a very popular website in the server that draws the attention of many users therefore leaving yours unnoticed.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is where the company or individual overtakes all aspects of your website and website hosting account, they are directly responsible for all the technical issues and security regarding your website and often charge a premium amount for this type of service.

 Reseller Hosting

For businesses and entrepreneurs, who wish to host their own customers, the Reseller Hosting is the most ideal website hosting. Reseller hosting comes with extra tools. These tools help in reselling the hosting space. It is also ideal for webmasters and those with a multitude of websites as it makes management of websites pretty much easier. This type of hosting is relatively cheap, but not as cheap as the shared hosting.

Dedicated Server

A sophisticated web hosting that allows you to access all its resources for hosting more than just one website and gives you the chance to rent the whole server is called a Dedicated Server. For this type of hosting, there is no transfer of personnel or even assets. In addition, this type has benefits such as an assured security of resources, faster connection to the internet and quality infrastructure (physical). Another advantage of Dedicated hosting is that the performance of your website cannot be disrupted at any other time by anyone.

Root server hosting is a type of dedicated hosting that is sometimes termed as semi-managed hosting. The clients can control their servers by accessing the root. In addition, Root server hosting enables uninterrupted internet connection, freedom of choosing operation systems as well as hardware that you require.

Virtual Servers

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is another type of web hosting that shares one server but makes it look like different separate servers. VPS acts like a link between shared hosting and a dedicated hosting machine. This server is recommended for advanced users and those who need to install software that shared hosting does not provide.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is another type of web hosting. It is sometimes referred to as Grid hosting. Here, individual servers get to work as one so that it looks as a gigantic server. As the need for using the server grows, the hosting company adds more hardware to enlarge the grid or cloud.

So, if you are starting a website, make sure you have loads of information on different website hosting options so as to make an overwhelming decision.

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