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joomla-development If you’re thinking of developing a Joomla cms web site but don’t want the hassle of setting up a database, installation and tweaking file permissions? Order Joomla hosting from Haloweb and you can start building your site in 24-48 hours – hassle free!Joomla is a perfect content management website system for those that want to be able to control the content on their own website without having to pay a webmaster for every change they would like to make, if you are a professional or a novice Joomla is for you.


The benefits of our Joomla web hosting packages

Order our Joomla hosting plan for only R65 per month and you will get

* 1 x FREE Domain (once-off)
* email technical support
* We install Joomla for you on our servers.
* 2000MB Web Space
* Unlimited Bandwidth/month
* 15 POP3 mailboxes
* Joomla (latest release)
* All the system requirements needed to run Joomla including PHP 5.x or 7.x (you can select your desired version from within cPanel) and a minimum of 1 MySQL database
* Properly configured installation including all correct file permissions, database settings and configuration files
* A tried and tested server environment that already hosts many Joomla powered websites
* Email spam and virus scanning
*Web hosting Control Panel
* Webmail
* Subdomains

How to get started

Simply order your new Joomla web hosting plan online by following our Order Wizard. Choose any the Joomla hosting account we’ll do the rest.

Your hosting account will usually be set up on the day you order it and Joomla will be installed as soon as the domain is active and pointing at our servers. In any event you should be able to start building your Joomla site within 48 hours.

What is Joomla?

So you want to create a dynamic, database-driven site that can be updated quickly and easily without needing a degree in database design, web design and web programming? Joomla is a feature-packed content management system that enables you to do just that. Best of all our server environment has been fully tested with Joomla meaning you can be sure it meets all the essential requirements, including PHP & MySQL.If you have an existing Joomla site and want to transfer to another host we can help you make the process as speedy and painless as possible. If you are completely new to Joomla and want to set up your first content managed site we are also here to offer advice and support. We can help on topics such as:

* Installation
* Databases (backups / importing)
* File Permissions
* Configuration
* Templates
* Installing/configuring modules and components

Joomla Features:

* Joomla is Open Source meaning it’s 100% free and you may modify the source code to add your own features.
* Free Joomla modules and components are continually being developed by other Joomla users which can be installed on your site adding new functionality such as online shops, photo galleries, glossaries, discussion forums… the list goes on. There is even a Joomla extension for Dreamweaver MX which you can use to design your own templates in your favourite application!
* Beautifully designed and extremely easy to use back-end administration area where you manage all aspects of your site’s content, users, admins, components and modules.
* Ability to integrate a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) enabling you to not just edit text content, but also format it e.g. colours, styles, lists, links etc.
* 100% template based meaning it’s easy to create your own layouts and the integrated template switcher means you can quickly change between layouts to compare them. There’s even a free ‘Template Creator’ module which takes you through the process of creating a template step-by-step.
* Complete control over when articles are published (by setting start and end dates), photos associated with each article, links in the main menu.
* Easily create password protected areas and allow your visitors to sign up as users and submit their own content.
* Search Engine Friendly URLs option – some other content management systems produce lengthy page addresses that some spidering search engines choke on. Not so with Joomla.
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