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An Email address in an ever-changing electronic world is becoming more important than ever, people now days are even judged by the email address they use, but then there are those savvy folk that realise that each email you send promotes your brand and becomes your permanent contact address.
Haloweb spam and virus freeĀ email hosting serviceĀ can be used for protecting your current email box from spam and viruses all that happens is that we simply forward your email to your current email box, other uses for this service can be for companies or individuals who would like a email address @yourdomain without having a website, this helps you look more professional to potential clients and suppliers without having the fuss or cost of web hosting just for email purposes.

Email hosting plan details.

2000 megs of email box space.
Unlimited email addresses @your domain
Email hosting support.
Antivirus email scanning
Spam Experts Spam Prevention
* Note you can transfer your existing website domain to us
or we can register one for you at a cost of R79.00 (domains renewed annually)*


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