Having a website without website visitors serves no purpose,  although getting traffic can be difficult the following SEO tips will certainly help getting you started.

1. Title Tags – As a web host and seo professional I am surprised at how many websites have the same title on every page, this will never get you any traffic ! Always ensure that each page has its own unique descriptive title containing your main keyword or phrase for that specific page, so for instance if your page is about dog kennels the title of the page should be something like “Amazing dog kennels” remember the title falls in between thehtml tags in your websites code.

2. H1 H2 H3 tags  – Any page you have on your websites should have at least one of each of these heading tags which once again has your specific keyword or phrase for that specific page you are working on.

3.  Images – Every website uses a combination of images and words, often images are just stuck in and forgotten, images can play an important part in bringing you traffic, not only from keywords but from sites such as Google image search, good SEO practice is to make sure your images have a descriptive name and within tags a description tag knowns as an alt tag.

4.  Sitemaps – Search engines love sitemaps especially Google it saves them time and money as they have to spend less of both scanning your website, this should be a standard feature of any site and once again good SEO practice.

5. Content – Always ensure the text on your web pages are at least 300 words, keep your content relative to the pages specific subject and write naturally, not for the search engines but for your visitors while writing include your keywords or keyword phrases.

The are many aspects to getting more traffic to your website but these 5 seo tips to boost your website traffic will certainly get you on your way, https://www.haloweb.co.za offers various Internet Marketing and SEO packages and services, you are welcome to contact us for a free quote should you need help getting more website traffic.

More about search engine optimization can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization

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