Today while doing some domain research for clients on the tld I happened to notice a large amount of domains (in the hundreds) are being snapped up by American based companies, the domains in question are generic domains such as and so on these domains have large search volumes and are no doubt being purchased and held until a willing South African comes along wanting it and then will be charged a huge dollar price no doubt to purchase the domain.

While this is fair business practice I still find myself hugely upset and angered by this, why you may ask ? well simply because it is once again robbing South Africans of opportunities not just because of the actual South African business that may actually use these domains but also that these domains in all likelihood
would be sold at hugely inflated prices and thus money will leave our shores when it would do so much better remaining in our own economy.

Recently expired domains are being snapped up at a equal rate, searching through the databases this figure must run into the thousands, is it fair on South Africans that this is being allowed to happen ? should domains not be limited to South African citizens alone and be protected ? from what I can see it seems that the powers that be are only concerned about lining their while one of South Africa’s most valuable resources in the form of virtual property is being sold out from under our feet.

What are your thoughts on this matter ?

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